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My biggest worry where I am is always snakes. Despite orchid flowering and snake seasons not generally overlapping it is somewhat more of an issue in the WA wheatbelt were the seasons can sometimes blend into one another. This year in fact (2010) I encountered snakes most of the way through winter, it being such a dry warm one. I don't have any snake issues other than utmost respect for their ability to take my life if I'm not careful in their domain. So I remain vigilant all year round. Snakes harmful and harmless is Brian Bush's excellent site for identifying WA snakes.

The following 2 pictures are from the 10th of August 2011. This was a particularly close encounter unfortunately. I placed my foot in the bark litter less than half a metre from this individual without realising till I was about to turn around. Fortunately it didn't move through the whole episode and I can only assume that it was not very active at that time of the year.

Dugite 001.jpg Dugite 002.jpg
Dugite in bark litter. Active in August



Ticks can also be an issue so one should always be aware of the treatment of tick infestation - consult your local GP. Don't laugh they're scary!! Health NSW tick fact sheet Love My Pet's main tick area charts All About Dogs list of ticks in Australia and their hosts


Nothing worse than walking into a Golden Ord Spider's web. Luckily, in the bush no one can hear your scream! Australia has it's fair share of nasties lurking around waiting to spoil your recreation. See the CSIRO's Funnel Web Fact Sheet and Redback Spider fact Sheet for more information on these species. While we're at it check out CSIRO's White-tailed Spider Fact Sheet and Ozanimals White Tailed Spider information page. Though your more likely to encounter these fellows at home no point not chucking the links in while I have them in front of me. Here's Ozanimals full Australian Spiders A-Z list as well.


The aussie bush can be a tough place and not one that should be visited without plenty of drinking water. I always carry a litre regardless of the shortness of the walk. We all know this is a good idea, just do it!! Healthdirect Australia's dehydration page.

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