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Crikey this is a hot one! Classification and naming of orchids is not standard across the country. Recent divisions of genus have not been picked up by everyone, the reason for I do not know and don't wish to. It is what it is and it's a job the scientists are welcome to. What I will do here is reproduce the current stuff as far as I know from from the Australian National Herbarium. Otherwise as noticed elsewhere at spiderorchid.net uses that which is listed on the local government web sites if they have one.

This links to the AONI full naming list of Australian orchids and the current genera and species list (13/6/2008) is here.

Interesting Online Articles

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Epiphytes and Terrestrials

Orchids are believed to be the second most populace flowering plant on the planet, behind the Daisy family. Orchids may be epiphytitic, growing anchored to a tree or shrub (which provides support but not nutrition), lithophytes, growing on rocks or rocky ground and terrestrial, growing in the ground soil.

Australian epiphytes grow mainly in the tropics and sub tropic zones. Australian terrestrials, of which there are many, grow in the temperate regions of the country.