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Can't beat a good book I say. The web is great but reading a real bit of paper still tops everything so here's some reading material to go on with.

First up I'd just have to say that Orchids of Western Australia is THE coffee table book to have. Patricia Dundas's illustrations are simply mind blowing and content from 3 of WA's preeminent orchid researchers makes for a must read and is available from the UWA publishing web site.

  • Brown, A. Dundas, P. Dixon, K. & Hopper, S. (2008). Orchids of Western Australia, University of Western Australia Press, Crawley.

Also worth getting your hands on are:

  • Jones, DL 2006, A Complete Guide to the Orchids of Australia Including the Island Territories. Reed New Holland, Sydney.
  • Hoffman, N & Brown, A 1992, Orchids of South-West Australia, 2nd edn, University of Western Australia Press, Crawley.
  • Jeanes, J & Backhouse, G 2006, Wild Orchids of Victoria, Australia, Aquatic Photographics, Australia.

Field Guides

  • Jones, D and Jones, B. (2000). A Field Guide To Native Orchids of Southern Australia, Blooming Books, Hawthorn, Victoria.
  • Liddelow, W.R. (2006). A Guide to Native Orchids of South Western Australia, R&R Publications Australia Pty Ltd.


  • Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids at Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Australian Government.

Web sites with a lot of orchid stuff

Orchid Articles at ScienceNetwork Western Australia

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